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Pett Paving, Inc 3790 East Solon Rd, Richmond, IL.  |   (815) 675-0647  |


Pett Paving, Inc. is a family owned business that cares about their customers and their work.  With over 30 years of paving experience, Mike Pett has paved his way into his own successful business.

Helping customers achieve their paving goals is great satisfaction, not only for Mike Pett, but for his skilled crew as well.  Simple driveways are nice to work on, but they all enjoy a challenge as well.  When the day ends everyone takes pride in the work they do.  The results are great and customers are happy with the results!  Multiple customers will send letters, emails and will also call the office to say how appreciative they are for a wonder job! 

Pett Paving, Inc. isn’t just a business, it is a local company helping out local people with their paving needs.  Residential, Condominiums and small parking lots to name a few!

Starting the process is easy!  Our customers can email their request through our website or call the office to communicate what they would like done.  Our estimates are FREE!

Some customers are not sure what their options are and need to know what options are available.  Examples of this would be: Can I just add a layer of asphalt over my existing driveway? Can I widen this area or add onto an existing area?  Can I remove and replace what is there but help it pitch the water better?  These are just a few examples.

In some instances a few different options are presented to the homeowners.  This allows for personal budgets or maybe add that extra paving layer for their boat or RV etc.

Sealcoating / Crackfilling:

Our sealcoating and crackfilling services are the best around. Using the best sealcoat application for your driveway and crackfilling as well, you can gain years of life still left in your current driveway!  Estimates are Free! 

Why choose Pett Paving? The work is outstanding, the crews are professional and the communication is impeccable between the office staff and the field crews.  In addition Pett Paving Inc. is well known and has a physical location customers can visit as well.  Fly by companies are always a concern with some companies. Our customers have the comfort knowing we are available via phone, email and in person.

If you need a company that will take care of you from start to finish with your paving needs, Pett Paving Inc. is the best in customer service, driveway and lot construction intelligence along with performance.

We look forward to having you as our next Pett Paving customer! Call us 815-675-0647 or email us or even stop by our address is 3790 East Solon Rd, Richmond, IL 60071 (check for winter hours)

Snow Plowing:  Commercial accounts
Are you a business or Property Manager in need of snow and ice control? Reach out to us for a free bid on your propertie(s).